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In 2005 the Chew Valley School Community Council was launched. The aim was to encourage positive involvement of students in their school community. Through this inclusive school team approach we hoped that students would explore opportunities to discover more about who they are and what they want to do in the future.

Students self–elect to form Project Teams to fulfil the plans they make to contribute to their school community in ways they have perceived need their help.  All the Project Teams’ plans are put together and feed into the School Development Plan.

The teams lead and manage their own projects and are accountable to the whole school community for the successful completion of their projects. 

Each team has its own link teacher and a facilitator. A team has to find a link teacher before its plans can start to be implemented. All members are trained in how to run meetings; writing agendas, minutes and also working effectively as a team.

All team members attend the School Forum which is a termly meeting. This Forum is to communicate the ongoing work of the project teams to the whole school community. It is also a forum for discussing any issues students are concerned about or interested in that relate to the work of the different teams.

Chew Valley was awarded the Learning to Lead Gold award in 2012.

There are currently 15 teams in the council – Meetings are from 1.30pm

Fundraising Team (Monday H8)

Library Team (Monday Library)

Fish Team (Monday S1)

Homeless in action Team (Monday S5)

The Esperanto Team (Monday L6)

Wellness Team (Tuesday E1)

Reptile Team (Wednesday S2)

Plastics Team (Wednesday H8)

Lego Robotics Team (Wednesday Mezz)

Card and Games Team (Wednesday Mezz)

Mental Health Awareness Team (Wednesday T1)

Equalities Team (Wednesday T1)

Chess Team (Wednesday H6)

Poly Team (Thursday poly tunnel)

Lego Team (Friday H8)

Women’s Rights Team (Friday H3)


Watch this video featuring Chew Valley alongside Gordano School in Portishead, The Blue School in Wells, and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in London, to find out more about Learning to Lead:

Learn to Lead - Secondary Schools from Rachel Bunce on Vimeo.

This animation also explains how Learning to Lead works: